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Big Size Bra

When it comes to the big size bras, Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore is your one-stop shop for every style of plus size bras you’ll ever need. We offer a range of sizes from 6 to 36 and cup sizes A to N from plus size underwired bras, no wire bras, plus size strapless bras, plus size T-shirt bras, maternity bras to plus size swimwear and much, much more. We’ve got your chest covered with our plus size pretty bras and our free online personalised virtual bra fitting service.

Whether you’re looking for a special type of bra for a specific occasion or a bra to meet your everyday needs, our big size bra range will give you plenty of options to choose from. Our collection comprises iconic brands and we are careful to select only the most comfortable curvy bras to better ensure a good experience.

We’re not alone in the journey to find comfortable bras. It can be especially difficult for those of us whose bosoms are ample and find that mainstream Australian lingerie stores don’t cater for bras for plus size women. Worse, their bigger cup bras are a fashion crime and should never have seen the light of day.

That’s why our plus size bra shop at Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore was born way back in 1992. We were fed up with being disappointed and relegated to the ugly bras in department stores when we have every right to feel beautiful and sexy in our lingerie, no matter our size or curves. We’re an online site now that can service any woman across Australia no matter where you are. Our friendly team of Bra Fitters or qualified Corsetiers can help you online or via phone.
Shop our exclusive range of bras for larger sizes for curvy girls to find quality lingerie and accessories Down Under. 

What are the different types of bras?

We offer a range of different big size bra options, from lingerie to swimwear. 

We stock a wide selection of underwire bras that provide firm support owing to the wire around the band and cup. We also offer non-wire bras with firmer support in the cup padding itself. 

Our T-shirt bras are perfect for wearing a shirt and come in a few different options. Our moulded T-shirt bra uses two layers of fabric with cushioning in between that provides soft cup support so it looks seamless under a shirt – great for figure-hugging outfits. 

Our demi cup or shelf T-shirt bra creates the illusion of deeper cleavage and typically only covers half to three-quarters of your breasts. Our moulded push up bra range bridges between these two, offering full coverage and support but accentuating your cleavage at the same time. Think casual but sexy. 

We stock plus size bralettes for those who want softer support for a break between heavier duty big size bra coverage. Whether you’re looking for sports bras that offer heaps more support when you’re active, plus size maternity bras if you’re expecting, or leisure and sleep bras if you need support while you sleep, you will be spoilt for choice. And if back clasps just don’t cut the mustard for you, we have a whole range of front opening bras to make life just that little bit easier for you. Hitting the beach? Check out our plus size Australian swimwear options.

Shop online today and check out our sexy free shipping on certain types of orders. 

What do you look for when buying a bra?

When looking at buying a new big size bra, you’ll want to triple check your bra size. Even if you’ve always worn a 14DD, it pays in comfort to get fitted each time you invest in a new bra. 

You want to ensure that your large bras underbust band sits flush and firm against your body and doesn’t ride up your bag or sag down your back. Neither of these positions will provide you with the quality support that your chest deserves.

Then you’ll want to ensure that the cup size is a good fit. Cup sizes can differ a little from brand to brand, but our fitting guide and our Bra Fitters can guide you to the perfect size. When it comes to your cup, ensure your breasts sit comfortably inside, and that there’s no dent or spilling over the cup – particularly for T-shirt bras where you’re looking for a smooth shape and transition between your exposed chest and bra cup. 

Thinking about style will also help you invest in the right bra for whatever you need.

How to wear a bra correctly?

Wearing a big size bra correctly comes down to finding the best fit in the first instance. Once you’ve done this, you can adjust your bra as needed because we know bodies fluctuate in size and shape over the lifetime of a bra; this is where experimenting with the clasp positioning of the band and the strap positions can help you ensure a comfortable fit no matter what stage of life your big size bra is at. Ensure you wear your bra correctly to avoid any pain or discomfort. 

Elevate your comfort and lifestyle. Order bras, briefs, swimwear and sleepwear online today, or connect with our friendly Bra Fitters for a virtual fitting.

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