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Plus Size Swimwear      

Finding the perfect plus size swimwear isn’t easy since your bodies are not all made the same. There are features you want to accentuate and parts you want to hide. The key to finding flattering large-size swimwear is to look for a piece that complements the best assets of your body and draws eyes to those desired areas. 

When it comes to beachwear plus size, the style and design elements can go a long way. For instance, a one-piece plus size swimming costume with smaller prints not only provides a full coverage for plus size women but can also give the illusion of a slimmer figure. Add the element of ruffles, which can draw the eye away from the midsection and the waist, and you can flaunt your body with more confidence. 

A tankini also provides a good body coverage while giving you the convenience of a two-piece. You can mix and match different colours and design elements to make your curvy swimwear more exciting. For your plus size bikini tops, a hack to get the appearance of a beautiful hourglass figure would be choosing design elements with diagonal lines and folds around the waistline, while the bottom should ideally be dark coloured.

How do you pick a plus size swimwear?

If you want to buy the right plus size swimwear, you should first determine if it is appropriate for your body shape and size. It is equally important to pay attention to the colour, details, and prints of the swimsuit. Based on your body type, here are some pointers for selecting the best style to complement your full-figured body.

Women With Smaller Bust and Larger Hips

Those who are plus size and have a so-called pear-shaped body (smaller shoulders and breasts, larger hips, thighs, and bottom) should choose swimwear styles that draw the eye upward. Choosing bright colours and designs at the top will help draw attention to your upper body. Then, select dark, solid colours at the bottom to balance out the statement. 

You should also opt for a plus size swimwear with tops that emphasize the features you like, such as halter tops that accentuate your shoulders. If you want to look great, wear tankini sets, or one-pieces with brightly coloured tops.

Women With Bigger Bust and Smaller Hips

In contrast, if you have wider shoulders, a larger chest or stomach with a slim waist and hips, you should draw the eye downward by using flowing patterns and styles such as tummy-trimming suits with bright coloured prints. 

For plus-size pieces, you should also look for wide straps and bras with underwire for full bust support. If you want to accentuate your narrow waist, choose swimwear with a shirred style. To flatter your bust line, select surplices and V-necks. You will look best in V-necks, swim dresses, and swimwear with print all over.

Women Who are Well-proportioned

A person with an hourglass figure has a well-proportioned top and bottom. For those who are plus size and are uncomfortable in certain areas, choose a plus size swimwear that helps conceal them while enhancing your best features. For instance, if you have a slim waist, highlight that area. Make your waist stand out by drawing attention to it using belts, colours, and prints. 

Women With Large Hips and Slim Waist 

This body type generally has wide shoulders and hips, as well as a slim waist. To achieve the desired slimming effect, the objective is to find pieces that highlight a slimmer waistline. Consider shirred or surplice styles that have bold, solid colours on the top and bright, bold patterns on the bottom. Flattering designs include plunging halter tops and swimwear with belts for a slimming effect. Women with tummy concerns can also benefit from vertical prints as well as baby-doll and blouson styles. Swimsuits such as blousons and baby dolls, or prints that slim the waist, like optical illusion prints, are among your best choices.

Women With Straight Proportions

Women who have this shape will have straight proportions, equal shoulders to hips, so a plus size swimwear that creates a waistline will be helpful. Swimwear for plus size with a belted waist or diagonal stripes are perfect for this. Halter tops do a nice job of highlighting shoulders while plunging necklines are effective in showing off a beautiful bust. Styles to consider are those that create a waist (if you want to), blouson, V-necks, or prints with diagonals or optical illusions.

What features to look out for? 

The features of a plus size swimwear should also be considered since they can help keep you comfortable and feeling good no matter what you do. Whether you’re just sunbathing, swimming, paddling, or doing beach sports – with the right features in your plus size swimwear, you can move with confidence. Consider these factors when choosing large size swimwear.

Fast-drying fabric

If you will be in and out of the water for a long period of time, choose swimwear that dries quickly to keep your skin from chafing as they wick moisture away. 


Wearing sun-protective clothing helps you avoid sunburn caused by harmful UV rays, especially during summer. You can opt for rashies or wetshirts that provide full coverage from the sun, helping you stay protected while looking stylish. It’s also a good idea to choose designs with a front zipper so that it’s versatile – you can either unzip it to show off your swimwear or close it to keep warm and get that full coverage.

Inner liners

Swimwear for curvy ladies may include liners for increased opacity when wet, or they may have special linings that keep the suit from sliding.

Removable bra cups

Plus size swimwear with padded bra cups provide large size women with enhanced silhouette and modest coverage. But if you prefer not to draw attention to your bust, then you can easily remove the bra cups.


If you are doing sports such as paddling or kitesurfing, then swim shorts with a zippered side, rear pockets or mesh pockets allow you to store things like a car key, lip balm, or other essentials.

Swimsuit strap styles

For active sports, the function of women's swimsuit straps is more important than fashion. When choosing a plus size bikini, you should remember that wide straps are often more comfortable than narrow ones, and they usually offer better support. Easily adjustable straps also have the advantage of allowing you to loosen or tighten the straps according to your own specific body type and are also handy when the straps loosen over time.

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