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Plus Size Strapless Bras

Searching for plus size strapless bras that are comfortable, and provide adequate support and coverage for your big bust can be challenging. At Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore, we are proud of our selection of strapless bras for women of all shapes and sizes. You don't have to be restricted to wearing bras with thick straps and covering them with clothes. 

Wearing party dresses or revealing outfits needs a special solution, and we can help. Maybe you're searching for a full-figure strapless bra that fits comfortably over your chest without riding up. Or you prefer plus size strapless bras with a longline design for extra support and for shaping up your body. Perhaps you have a favourite backless dress that calls for strapless, backless bras. Or possibly, you want a strapless low cut bra, so you can wear your party dresses. With our strapless bra collection, especially for plus-size women, you can dress however you want and feel secure and confident.

Why strapless bras over regular bras?

Bras without straps are the perfect solution for all your personal fashion desires, while giving your bust the support and boost it needs. An outfit that reveals your shoulders or back would look awkward with regular bras because the straps would show. 

With our strapless bras, your outfit will do all the talking, making it look sleek and flawless. Strapless bras are versatile pieces essential for all wardrobes because you can wear them with spaghetti strap dresses, halter tops, sleeveless styles, backless outfits, and many other choices.

When to wear strapless bras?

There is no restriction when it comes to wearing strapless bras. Whether you wear a revealing outfit or a covered one, if you're comfortable wearing plus size strapless bras, you can do so anytime.

Generally, though, women wear strapless bras when they wear outfits that expose some parts of their skin. Having a strapless bra allows you to dress up in whatever way you wish and ensures there is no fashion disaster coming your way. 

There are instances wherein wearing strapless bras may be necessary. If you have sensitive skin, for example, wearing a strapped bra for several hours may cause discomfort. In some cases, you may also notice strain marks due to the straps. Wearing a strapless bra will free your shoulders from the strain and friction caused by the straps. 

How to choose a strapless bra?

It is extremely important to choose the right size of strapless bra for yourself in order to feel fantastic and confident. A poorly fitting bra can cause discomfort. For example, a tight bra can restrict your breathing, and a large bra may create unflattering silhouettes. 

Having trouble finding a strapless bra that fits right? At Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore, we offer a virtual fitting service, so you can get your exact cup measurements and discover the perfect bra to match your figure from the comfort of your home. We have qualified fitters who can help you choose the right plus size strapless bras according to your size, shape, and preference.

If you opt to do it yourself, the first step is to choose the right style of strapless bra. For example, strapless bras with multi-way designs are versatile, as they can be converted in many ways and the straps can be adjusted according to your preference. 

The next step is to find out what size you are. It’s best to measure your bust size before buying a strapless bra because your body changes significantly as you age, and you don’t want your bra to be too big or too small. To get your exact cup size, follow the steps below.

  • Take your band measurement. Your breasts should be as close to their natural shape as possible, so wear a lightly lined (non-push-up) bra. 
  • Measure under your breasts using a measuring tape. The measuring tape needs to be parallel with the bottom of the bra band.
  • Next, measure your bust. Make sure the tape is positioned at the highest point on your bust. Again, check if it's parallel to your band.
  • To find your cup size, subtract your band size from your bust size. So, if your bust measures 42 inches and your band measures 38, you get a difference of 4 inches, which means your plus size strapless bra size is 38D.

Bare your back and shoulders in confidence with Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore’s selection of strapless bras that come with detachable straps for multiple styling. You can wear the straps as cross back, asymmetrical, halter, or strapless to match any occasion or outfit. 

With our line of plus size strapless bras, you won't have to worry about exposed straps ever again. You can also browse our entire collection of plus size bras, and choose from options like plus size sports bras, maternity bras, plus size t-shirt bras, and plus size briefs. If you are looking for that perfect swimwear specially designed for your body type, browse our collection of plus size swimwear.

At Big Girls Don't Cry anymore, your happiness and satisfaction is our top priority. In case you find that our product does not meet your requirements, we will be more than happy to take it back, and we will not charge any fee for return postage if the orders are within Australia. Shop with us and wear any outfit with confidence.

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