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Plus Size T-shirt Bras

If you’re among many plus size women who are having difficulty finding bras that aren’t visible through T-shirts, worry no more as plus size T-shirt bras from Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore will save the day. 

Women's T-shirt bras have smooth, moulded, seamless cups designed to be unnoticeable through your garments – no bumps, textures, or lumps. They’re the fail-proof choice if you like wearing tightly-fitted clothes. But they’re not only limited to t-shirts, thanks to their seamless and smooth design; they’re also perfect to wear underneath professional clothes you wear at work or the casual dresses you wear during weekends. The versatility and comfort that they offer make them a wardrobe must-have and the best bra for T-shirts, whatever shape or size you have.

T-shirt bras come in various designs, giving you the flexibility to find the ideal style for your wardrobe. Below are the most common features plus size T-shirt bras have.


T-shirt bras with padding have a layer of foam to provide the right coverage and shape for your bust so you can even wear a thin or form-fitting shirt without feeling uncomfortable.  


These wire-free t-shirt bras have a seamless profile, which makes them perfect for layering under a T-shirt. When worn underneath a snug-fit T-shirt, these bras don't show any lines, making them the comfiest bra for everyday wear.


Underwired plus size t-shirt bras are ideal for plus size women or for those with large size cups. The underwire feature offers added support and comfort to keep you comfortable and confident throughout the day.

What is the difference between t-shirt bras and regular bras?

A bra can be classified as a T-shirt bra when it has seamless and smooth cups. With smooth cups, there would be no visible lines under a T-shirt, creating a seamless appearance. In comparison, the seams of a regular bra are cleverly constructed to give you the silhouette you want. On the other hand, a moulded T-shirt bra has cups that are already formed to the shape of the bust, so seams are not necessary. This makes T-shirt bras a great option to wear if you don't want your bra to show through your clothing.

Since plus size T-shirt bras are so versatile, they provide a good foundation for just about anything in your closet that doesn’t require specialty bras. They are perfect for your everyday wardrobe because you can wear them when running errands, at work, when out with friends, or when you’re just in the house cleaning or chilling. 

How to choose the right T-shirt bra?

When choosing the right plus size T-shirt bras, you need to consider three things: the cups, the band, and the straps. The cups should conform to your breast's shape without digging in or gaping. As for the straps, they should fit snugly on your shoulders without digging into your skin or leaving indentations. And, the band should have a snug fit around your body without constricting movement. 

Use the guide below to know which type of T-shirt bra is perfect for you.

Full coverage bra 

Designed to provide complete coverage of the breasts to prevent any spills on the sides, this bra cup is perfect if you wear a sheer T-shirt and want your bust to be fully covered.

Demi-cup or shelf T-shirt bra 

Plus size T-shirt bras of this type are designed to create the illusion of a deeper cleavage by pushing the breasts toward the centre. Additionally, the cups cover either half or three-fourths of the breasts. Any kind of T-shirt will go under this type of bra. 

Moulded T-shirt bra 

Two layers of fabric are used in moulded T-shirt bras, and a layer of cushion lies between the fabric layers. This soft cup T-shirt bra provides adequate support and coverage without adding extra bulk. Their seamless design makes them ideal to wear under T-shirts of all types – loose or snug.  

Push-up moulded T-shirt bra 

This moulded bra features push-up inserts! This push-up T-shirt bra goes well with T-shirts with V-necks and low-necks. The bra is filled with foam to provide coverage and support. Cushioning foam comes in different types, from thin to thick, providing varying levels of coverage. This type of bra allows you to pull off a casual yet sexy look, whether you're at home or taking a stroll outside.  

Underwire t-shirt bra 

These t-shirt bras feature underwires, which offer lift, support, and fit. These T-shirt bras are a good choice for women with large busts. 

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