Virtual Fittings

At Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore, we want to Share the Love of a Great Fitting Bra to as many people as we can!

In 2017, We launched Australia's 1st Virtual Bra Fitting Service. 


A Virtual Fitting is a way for the BG team to help you get fitted in the comfort of your own home. We understand this process of a bra fitting can feel very confronting, this is why we have set up this one-on-one consultation service just for you! 

Find a time that is available and suitable for you.

When the date and time of your appointment arises one of our highly trained Bra Fitters will call you, via Zoom or Skype and do your Bra Fitting.

You can place your order with the bra fitter or we will send you an email with the styles and sizes we would recommend for you.
*Please note that Virtual Fitting is only available if you live in Australia or New Zealand.

Also you can check out our bra fitting guide for more help on how your bra should fit -

We look forward to helping you find your perfect fit!
Do I have to take my shirt off? 
We understand the fitting process can feel very confronting. Our fitters are in a private area and are wearing headphones for your privacy and comfort. 
When you’re with our Virtual Bra Fitter, we will ask you to remove your shirt, so we can see how your current best fitting bra fits. We will then ask you to spin around, so we can see the back and the sides. 
Can I get a Virtual Fitting anytime I want?
Currently our hours for the Virtual fittings are as follows (SYD TIME). We will be looking at either extending these in the future.  
Monday - Friday - 10am - 4pm 
How long does a Virtual Appointment take?
Like any in-store fitting it can vary, we recommend allowing 30 minutes for the appointment although it may be shorter in time.
Will the Virtual Fitting cost me? 
We do not charge for any fittings, if you choose to purchase a bra/s prior to, or after the Virtual Bra Fitting, this will be your only cost. Our goal is always to ensure that we find you your perfect fit. 
What if I don’t have Zoom or Skype? 
You can download Zoom or Skype  to your computer, phone or tablet device very easily. All you need is an internet connection.
Simply click on this link and follow the instructions for downloading and setting up a Zoom account or Skype ID.,