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At Big Girls Don't Cry Anymore we stock range of sizes for the curvy, fuller busted, plus size or voluptuous woman. Sizes 6-36 A-N in styles including Underwire, Non-Underwire, Front Opening, T-shirt, Moulded, Leisure, Maternity and Longline.

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Picking bras can be complicated, and finding the right bras for your needs can be even more so. It's hard to find bras that are comfortable, supportive, flattering, and invisible under clothing. All women know this struggle well.

Specific bras work better in certain situations. There are sports bras for exercise and strapless bras for an evening out. But how do you know what bras will work best? In this article, we'll show you 12 steps to picking the perfect bra.

What are the various types of bras?

Bras are of many styles, shapes, and sizes. They can be divided into the following types:

Strapless bras: These are designed to prevent bra straps from showing beneath clothing as well as provide some shaping or padding for large breasts. They usually have wide shoulder straps that might not be comfortable for people with narrow shoulders.

Sports bras: These can provide more support than bras without an underwire and are designed to be worn during physical activity or exercise. 

Low cut bra: It’s specifically designed not to show when worn under a low cut top.

Full coverage bras: These are designed to keep breasts fully covered on all sides and prevent the clothing from rubbing against nipples of any size; these bras may have cups that extend horizontally or vertically for this purpose.

T Shirt bras: These are bras that come up high on the chest to support and cover.

Plus size bras: These are bras for women with larger breasts.

Maternity bras: These are bras that make it easier for women to breastfeed and look good while pregnant. They offer a lot of support and are better at holding up heavier breasts. Some bras even have cups that unclip in the center to allow more significant movement of a baby's head while breastfeeding.

Full coverage bras: These bras offer maximum shaping and are also a good option for those with larger breasts.

How to choose the right bra for every type of outfit?

As a lady, you understand the importance of ensuring that your outfits look spectacular. Bras help you accomplish this while making you look flattering too. Here's how to pick the right womens bra for any outfit:

  • Consider the shape of your breasts.
  • Choose bras based on the type of top you're wearing.
  • Consider how much support a bra provides (such as underwire or no wire).
  • Consider bras that are seamless when wearing a lightweight top.
  • Evaluate coverage from side to side and front to back.
  • Check for adjustable straps, a clasp in the back, and bras with wider wires.
  • Ensure bras are comfortable to wear by checking for appropriate fabric thickness, stitching quality, and comfort levels of underwire or no wire support.
  • Look for bras with breathable fabrics to keep you cool during the summer months.
  • Make sure to adjust the shoulder straps of any bra you wear, so they do not slip off your shoulders during the day.

How to find your correct bra size?

To quickly find the correct bra size for you, try one of these three methods.

  1. Follow the guidelines on the bra's label for your band size and cup size.
  2. Get measured professionally by a specialist at a store or lingerie shop with bras in stock. This is best done during periods when bras are not fitting well, and bras haven't been worn for a while.
  3. Measure yourself, which is best done with the help of another person or using your phone to see if it gives you accurate measurements--taking care to measure both breasts. This can be done at home or in front of a mirror by measuring under the bust around the rib cage and then over the bust around your rib cage.

Some bras may not have cup size available, but they will list a letter (A through F) for band size. To get an idea of what you might wear in this type of bra, look at bras with similar sizing to see if the bras are comfortable and a good fit before purchasing bras of this type.

Bras should be comfortable and supportive for the wearer. Don't feel like you have to buy bras that are too small if they don't fit right; bras will stretch with wear and washing, so it's best not to get a bra that feels uncomfortably tight or loose.

How to take care of your bras?

  • They should be hand washed and air dried to keep them in the best shape. 
  • Bras that are machine washable should be hung on a hook or hanger after washing, never stuffed into a drawer.
  • Sports bras and yoga bras may require different care methods like "machine wash cold with similar colours."
  • Bras that are made from a delicate material, such as lace bras or bras with embellishments like beads and sequins, should be hand washed only.
  • Bras should be washed after wearing them at least once a week. In addition to washing bras regularly, they should also be stored properly.
  • Bras that are not worn for an extended period need to have the band loosened before storing so that it does not become too tight or stretched out.

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