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Plus Size Sports Bras

Are you physically active most days? When your breasts are not held in place, even low-impact exercises, such as stretching or jogging, can be uncomfortable, especially if you are a fuller figure woman. Wearing plus size sports bras will help you feel confident while doing the activities you love.

A good sports bra should be capable of handling motion so that when you move, your breasts will be held firmly in place, and you will gain maximum support. Whether you are into sports, a regular gym-goer, someone who’s always on the go, a nursing mum, or one who likes wearing fancy lingerie, Big Girls Don't Cry Anymore offers a range of bras for women of all shapes, sizes, and personalities. 

Why are sports bras important?

When you indulge in any physical activity, your breasts tend to bounce. The continuous movements may result in pain, sagging, or soreness when breast support is absent. Sports bras are designed to minimise such movements. You would greatly benefit from wearing a sports bra or a workout bra when performing physical activities, no matter your size.

What are the benefits of wearing sports bras over regular bras?

Regular bras are ideal for daily wear and are designed to support, shape, or complement your figure. On the other hand, sports bras are specially intended to provide superior support, minimise breast movement, and wick away sweat during activity. They are especially helpful for those women who have large cup sizes or who do sports and exercise. 

Moreover, breast movement is also commonly cited as a leading cause of breast discomfort and pain during exercise. Women with larger breasts can experience discomfort so severe that it prevents them from exercising. Thus, wearing plus size sports bras that are designed to support your breasts can have a significant impact on your wellbeing.

Aside from providing extreme support, sports bras and sports crop tops also offer the following benefits.


The right sports bra can provide the confidence and support you need to move freely without being distracted by breast movement. 


Although boob sweat is a normal and natural result of exercise or hot days, it can also be itchy and uncomfortable. Wearing the right workout bra can help you stay dry so that you can exercise with comfort and ease.

Prevents sagging

While wearing a bra cannot completely prevent sagging boobs, high impact exercise without support won't do you any good either. Sports bras are designed to provide optimal support and stability while you exercise so that you can maintain the shape of your breasts.

If you’re still on the fence about whether to buy sports bras or just stick with your regular bras when indulging in physical activities, think about how much impact your activities will have before deciding. 

If your activities usually involve low-impact forms of exercise such as walking, cycling on the street, strength training, a regular bra may work just fine. However, only use high-quality bras as these movements still require ample support. 

If you’re into moderate impact exercises such as hiking, yoga, pilates, and gentle jogging, you will benefit more from wearing a plus size sports bra since they provide a broader cup and some extra support for your breasts. 

High impact exercises, however, including running, HIIT workouts, most sports, dancing, skipping, etc., call for sports bras. 

How to choose the right sports bra online?

When it comes to choosing the right sports bra online, pick something comfortable, functional, and one that perfectly fits your band and cup size. Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore offers a virtual bra fitting service across Australia, wherein you’ll be assisted by a qualified corsetiere in fitting your bra and be given the best recommendation according to your size and needs.

We also offer free returns within 100 days so that you can buy sports bras from us with ease. Once your order arrives, you can follow the tips below to know if your bra has the perfect fit.

  • There should be an adequate gap between the straps of your sports bra and your shoulders. The straps should also be tighter than a regular bra, but not tight enough to restrict breathing.
  • There should be no wrinkles in the fabric of the cup. When the cup of your plus size sports bra is too big, it tends to cause wrinkles in the fabric. On the other hand, if the cup is too small, your breasts will spill. 
  • You should watch out for gaps. Underwires must lay flat against the rib cage, under the breast tissue, and shouldn't pinch or dig into your breast.
  • Next, hold your hands above your head. Typically, if the band rides up, it's an indication of being too big, though the straps or back closure may also need to be adjusted.
  • Lastly, try to move around. Swing your arms and jump around. If you feel any pain, it means the bra isn’t the right fit for you. 


Big Girls Don't Cry Anymore has a wide range of undergarments that are both functional and stylish, so you're sure to find what you're looking for. We are one of Australia's leading online retailers of maternity bras, plus size strapless bras, plus size briefs, plus size swimwear, and plus size t-shirt bras. Looking for plus size sports bras on sale that suit your size and style? Browse our selection online.

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