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Bras for Plus Size Women

When it comes to finding the perfect bras for plus size women, Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore is your premier online destination to shop a wide collection of women’s plus size bras ranging from size 6 to size 36 and covering all cup sizes from A to N. We’re sure you’ll find your next plus size bras in our range which is one of the most extensive available in Australia. With our complimentary Virtual Bra Fitting service, we can help you find the perfect bra for your curves. 

Founded in 1992, Big Girls Don't Cry Anymore has been providing women’s plus size bras to the community after the founder became frustrated with a lack of options for women like her.

Our brand embraces the curvaceous beauty you all embody. Bras for larger ladies come in sizes 6 to 36, or cup sizes A all the way up to N. You'll find plus size underwired bras, non-wired, front and back opening large bras, plus size sports bras, swimwear, plus size strapless bras, and plus size maternity bras among a host of other types of bras for big busts. Bras for plus size women have never been easier to find. 

With decades of experience in sourcing comfortable and sexy styles in plus size bras, we love delivering you well-designed products in flattering patterns and colours to suit every woman. Our bigger cup bras are selected based on their sizing, style and comfort offered. Big girls have spent enough time feeling uncomfortable with our lingerie, and Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore is here to rescue you from the discomfort of ill-fitting bras that dig into your body or sit awkwardly, and bras that are made from cheap materials that cause you more hassle than help. 

Invest in your chest with our collection of large size bras and have a chat with one of our trained Bra Fitters today. Buy from our exclusive plus size bras online now at Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore.

Which bra is best for plus size women?

The best bras for plus size women is the one that makes them feel the most comfortable and gorgeous. There’s nothing more satisfying than wearing a comfortable bra that you barely know is there while also offering you support in all the right places. These can be underwire or wire-free, cotton or synthetic – all depending on what’s comfortable for you. 

That’s why we offer our fitting and sizing guide on our website alongside our expert Bra Fitters for consultation online or via phone. We want you to experience the joy and comfort of wearing a perfect-fitting bra that allows you to breathe and relax into your life in comfort and style. 

Specifically, because plus size women tend to have larger chests, you want a bra that will provide ample support with a supportive shape using foam and padding. The bra should sit close and feel snug – both in the band and the cup – and also have adjustable straps so you can modify it as you need to. 

How to choose the right sized bra?

Choosing the right sized bras for plus size women comes down to taking the right measurements every time you purchase a new bra. These measurements are your underbust and your overbust. The difference between these two measurements will indicate the right cup size, represented by a letter of the alphabet. Your underbust measurement will indicate your size, which is represented by a number. We import both UK and US plus size bras, so it’s good to take your measurements in both centimetres and inches to ensure you find the right fit.

To make the process completely foolproof, connect with our trained Virtual Bra Fitters who can guide you through the steps and recommend the styles and sizes that would best suit your chest. Not only are you benefiting from Australia’s first virtual bra fitting service – but it’s also entirely complimentary. The only cost to you is the purchase of any of our products, so you really don’t have anything to lose by booking in. 

How to make your bras last longer?

When taken care of properly, bras for plus size women can last a long time, providing you with years of comfort. Bras that are hand washed tend to wear better than those that are machine washed, even in garment bags. You can soak your bras in a tub with some water and wool wash, or you can just give your bra a good wash while you’re having a shower and multi-task. Air drying over a rail will also tend to benefit your bras in the long term than the impact a dryer can have on them. We have a tutorial on our website if you’re in doubt, and we show you just how easy it is to hand wash and care for your bra to ensure you get the most wear from it. 

Order online today with several delivery options to buy the best bra for your body. 

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