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Australian Plus Size Swimwear

The demand for Australian plus size swimwear has been on the rise, and Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore has been here since the beginning to ensure our curvy girls out there are always decked out in stylish plus size swimwear. We know that when it comes to swimwear, large sizes can often be either hard to source at local retailers or – if they are available – terribly unflattering. That’s why our plus size swimwear online covers a range of styles from full-body and two-piece swimsuits to mix-and-match tops and bottoms, ensuring you’re spoilt for choice. 

Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore was founded to address a glaring gap in the Australian consumer market for plus size bras and swimwear. Since 1992, we’ve been serving up great plus size bras, swimsuits for curves, and sleepwear to give women with curves every opportunity to feel sexy and confident in their bodies. Trying to look for fuller-figure swimwear can be exhausting with such limited ranges out there; in reality, curves are natural and gorgeous, and we’re here to celebrate them with our flattering, iconic and exclusive collection of comfortable swimwear and large size bras. We’ve got you covered whether you’re size 6 or size 36 and every size in between. Australian plus size swimwear is one of our core ranges and we have a large selection for you to browse from. 

With over twenty-eight years of experience serving customers just like you, we aim to provide you with only the best quality products that we know will bring you comfort and confidence. We source our quality-designed women's plus size swimwear from iconic brands all over, and this allows us to draw on a global network of plus size fashion. 

Never feel uncomfortable again in your swimsuit. Browse our collection of Australian plus size swimwear on sale now, or connect with our friendly virtual Bra Fitters to get measured for free.

How to choose plus size swimwear?

For lots of women, choosing plus size swimwear that is comfortable, flattering and supportive can sometimes be a challenge. We want everyone to be able to embrace Australia’s summers, as well as those die-hard swimmers who continue hitting the pools and oceans all year round.

While there’s no one size fits all because every woman has a unique body and unique preferences, we offer a wide range of support – from underwire to more relaxed fits – so you can find something perfect for your body. 

The fit and type of swimwear are one of the key considerations when choosing Australian plus size swimwear. Do you feel comfortable in a one-piece, a bikini, or maybe a tankini as a happy medium? Think about this first to ensure you’re investing in something that you are comfortable with, and therefore, more likely to wear.

Once you know what type of swimwear you like, now you can get to the fun bit of choosing the colour or patterns that you’d like. You can choose from pre-matched sets or mix-and-match plus size swimwear tops and plus size swimwear bottoms. It’s a well-known secret that prints are a curvy girl’s best friend, and many swimwear for plus size ladies options will provide patterns to help create a flattering look. 

How to wear swimwear for plus size?

When it comes to wearing bathers, plus size swimwear is pretty easy if you treat it as an extension of how you dress in your normal life and carry through those same values and aesthetics. Opt for swimwear styles and types that you know you’ll feel comfortable in. You can accessorise your swimwear for the beach or poolside lounging with a sarong or an oversized linen shirt if you want a bit more coverage when you’re not in the water. 

Style your beach-ready or poolside outfit in a way that brings you joy and makes you excited. Shop our great range of Australian plus size swimwear today. 

How to care for swimwear?

Caring for Australian plus size swimwear is standard for any size swimwear. Read the instructions carefully just in case it does deviate or provide particular insight into caring for that particular garment. 

Otherwise, it’s important to rinse your swimsuit with cool water after using it, regardless of whether it’s been in a chlorinated pool, spa, or the salty ocean. Fill up a sink or tub with some mild detergent and cold water, and then submerge your swimsuit to give it a more thorough handwash. 

You might see sunscreen lotion stains or tanning splotches; this is the time to get them out of your swimwear so it doesn’t stain. Then gently squeeze water out of the fabric without wringing it, which damages the fabric. Air drying the bathing suit on a flat rack out of direct sunlight is the best way to dry it. Once it’s dry, store your swimwear flat and ensure there’s no moisture left in the garment. 

Wear it with confidence and discover the difference at Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore. Order Australian plus size swimwear online today. 

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