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Large Size Bras

At Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore, large size bras are what we’re all about. If you’ve ever struggled to find the right bra size, finding standard sizes in stores too small, too uncomfortable, too visible under shirts and tops or just downright ugly, then welcome to your large size bra haven. Buy plus size bras without the discomfort, hassle or feeling like you’ll never find the right fit.

Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore has been serving the plus size bra community since 1992, when the original owner was fed up with the lack of options for women like her when it came to mainstream Australian lingerie. 

We know the struggle of looking for inclusive ranges when you’re plus size or have a larger breast size. That’s why we wanted to create a brand that embraced the curvaceous beauty you all embody. We specialise in large size bras from size 6 to 36 and cup size A all the way to N. We’ve got bras with underwire, non-wire, front opening, back opening, plus size sports bras, plus size strapless bras and Australian plus size swimwear, posture bras, maternity bras and plus size briefs

Our friendly team of trained Bra Fitters are here to help you find the best type of large size bras and most comfortable support in our extensive large bras collection. We also offer free fitting services over the phone or online, so you can get fitted from the comfort of your own home. Ensure that you invest in the right shape, size, and style of bras with this premium and accessible service. 

We’ve quality tested all of our products, so we know they offer comfort and support and will make you feel great when you’re wearing our plus size pretty bras. Give yourself the gift of confidence by elevating your experience when it comes to your bra. Do it with a quality retailer like Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore that specialises in bras for larger sizes. 

Whether you’re looking for your next beach swimwear, a comfortable soft T-shirt bra, a strapless bra for a matching dress, or something a little sexy, we have got your large size bras covered. Shop our exclusive collection of premium women’s plus size bras in stock now. 

What bra size is considered large?

We distinguish our products as plus size bras and bras for larger ladies so we can be found easily by our community (that’s you). Every size is unique and beautiful in its own right, and we’re here to ensure every chest has the opportunity to feel comfortable and sexy when it comes to the right bra. That’s why we stock our range of bras from size 6 to 36, and our cup ranges from A to N. 

Typically, though, you’ll know if you need large size bras if you’re struggling to find the right comfortable fit in mainstream lingerie stores in Australia. If that’s the case, explore our range at Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore and connect with our friendly Bra Fitters to level up your bra game! 

How to measure your bra size?

Bra sizes are determined by the band size, which is the underbust measurement and usually appears as a number. Meanwhile the cup size, which is the part that holds your breasts in, is measured in letters ranging from A to N. 

Measuring your large size bras correctly to your body is the single most important thing you can do when it comes to fitting yourself with your next bra. Did you know almost 80% of women in Australia are wearing the wrong size bra? How uncomfortable!
The easiest way to measure yourself is to grab a measuring tape and measure your underbust. Make sure to hold the tape firmly to get an accurate measurement. If you haven't already measured in inches, we need to convert your centimeters to inches since we import for the UK and US.

The next step is to get the overbust measurement which means measuring the fullest part of your chest, around where your nipples sit. Ensure the tape isn’t pulled too firm for this measurement. To get your cup size, you take into account the difference between the two measurements. Head to our fitting advice and size guide page to get into the details of how to do this. 

If this seems a little too complicated, our professional Bra Fitters are on hand to help you out with a complimentary fitting session via phone or email. 

How to choose the best bra type?

Choosing the right big size bra for women with curves comes down to what you find comfortable and your overall outfit. With the right style and fit, you’ll have an easier time determining whether you want a basic everyday T-shirt bra, a bikini, a bralette, or something a little more novelty for special occasions. At Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore, we know the confidence you can get from investing in the right size bra. Shop our premium range now and empower yourself to embrace your body positively. 

Order your next best large size bras online today or chat with our friendly team of Bra Fitters to find your perfect plus size bra.

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