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Plus Size Bras Sale

If you’re looking for plus size bras sale online, then look no further than Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore, one of Australia’s premier retailers on lingerie, undergarments, and many more. We specialise in bras for women of all shapes and sizes, keeping their individual needs and concerns in mind. 

At Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore, we understand the importance of wearing high-quality and well-fitted bras. But more importantly, we believe in offering them at affordable prices. This is why we put our range of bras on sale so you can take advantage of exclusive deals and discounts.

As specialists in women’s bras, we can provide what you need no matter your size or style preference. From wired and non-wired bras to the front opening and back opening bras, sports, swimwear, and maternity bras – we have the perfect selection of bras to help you feel comfortable wherever you go. It's our goal to help you find the cheapest bra online yet with top-notch quality that'll securely support your bust area while making you feel fantastic all around. 

How to choose the right bra for your body type?

Wearing the wrong bra can cause distractions and even ruin an otherwise great day. To avoid all that frustration and discomfort, you need to buy bras online according to your body type. Once you know your body type, finding a style that will keep you comfortable becomes easy. Here is your guide in choosing the perfect bra tailored for your size and shape.

Women with Large Bust and Narrow Hips

If you have broad shoulders, a large bust, and narrow hips, then your body shape requires firm support for the breasts and a gentle lift to improve the waistline. When browsing our plus size bras sale, you may opt for a minimizer bra with full coverage that prevents spills in the cups and high-waisted briefs that can flatten the tummy. To provide the extra support that large breasts require, look for underwire and side boning.

Women with Small Bust and Larger Hips

You can flatter this figure by enhancing the contours of the upper body. With a balconette bra, you can accentuate your breasts, so they look more natural. Check out our plus size bras sale collection to select your very own balconette bra. If cleavage is your priority, choose a push-up bra that can provide a decent lift. If you wish to appear balanced, wear your bra with a low-rise brief.

Women with Symmetrical Body

The bust and hips of women with this body type are usually symmetrical. This creates a well-defined waistline with equal emphasis on the bust and hips. Women with the hourglass figure can have either small or large busts. So, if you have this body type, choose the right bra according to your breasts’ size. For maximum comfort, choose a full-coverage bra which is available in our plus size bras sale assortment.

Women with Small to Medium Bust

This figure usually features small to medium breasts, with negligible deviations in shoulder, waist, and hip widths. A person with this body shape must add focal points using lingerie to enhance their figure. For instance, if you are going for a fuller look, choose a halter style bra from the women’s bra sale that provides you with flattering curves.

Women With Athletic Build

When it comes to athletic women, demi bras with spaced-out cups and plunge bras can be extremely accommodating, especially when they have wide-set breasts. 

Women Who are Busty

It can be difficult to dress and shop if you have bigger breasts. For busty women, choose a bra with full coverage and with comfortable wide-set straps. The right balconette bra can offer support, lift, as well as separation.

Women Who are Curvy

Finding plus size bras sale with more support in the straps and siding can be a real challenge for women with curvier shapes. Make sure you choose a bra with a wide band to ensure comfort and prevent spilling from the sides. Also, if you need additional support and shape, an inner cup sling can also be a big help.

Women With Straight Body Type

A soft triangle bra or wireless bra is an excellent everyday option for petite women with a smaller bust since they don't need as much support. Women seeking a lifting effect should opt for a moulded bra with push-up cups and underwires. 

To sum it up, here is your quick reference in choosing a bra.

  • Balconette: Perfect for women with broad shoulders and firmer breasts.
  • Underwired: Ideal for all cup sizes and shapes, but especially so for bigger breasts.
  • Padded Bras: Excellent for most sizes, they provide shape, support, and contouring.
  • Plunge Bra: Designed for cleavage enhancement of small busts.
  • Push-Up Bra: Great for a wide range of bust sizes, they give a natural lift and rounder look.

Where to find good quality bras on sale?

Browse the Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore website to check out our plus size bras sale. Our wide selection of bras are not only high in quality but are also available at unparalleled prices. From plus size sports bras to maternity bras, plus size strapless bras, plus size bras, and plus size T-shirt bras - we've got them all. Moreover, we also offer swimwear and plus size swimwear if you’re planning a beach escapade. After all, the beaches in Australia are very inviting.

To ensure that your purchase is hassle-free, we offer free virtual fitting services to all customers and a 100-day return policy free of charge. Discover our selection of plus size bras and other specialty bras on our website. You can either place your order over the phone or talk to one of our qualified fitters who can guide you through the process of choosing your perfectly fitted bra. Place your order today from our list of plus size bras sale!

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