#MySize - All Bodies are Good Bodies

I’m a ‘Harry Potter’ fan. I’m absolutely happy to acknowledge that to the world. The thing I love the most about the whole series is the character Hermione Granger. For those of you who’ve not yet been introduced to ‘Harry Potter’, Hermione is the female protagonist, along with her two male counterparts, Harry and Ron. Now it’s not the way Hermione looks that I like, it’s not even the way she acts. The thing I LOVE about Hermione is her grit. Her ability to be a strong, confident girl and woman. Sure, she’s different, they call her a nerd, her hair is always a frizzy mess, but she doesn’t care, she’s confident in herself!

Probably a good lesson for all of us isn’t it? Being confident in ourselves. We’re all so different and we shouldn’t ever compare each other because of that. I was reading the other day that even though flowers may look the same, no two are ever exactly alike. Nature doesn’t seem to make things exactly the same and, as women, we are no different. Our bodies are all slightly different. I have shorter legs than the girl that sits across from me in the office but a wider waist than another girl. We are so different and so are our busts!

At Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore we’re currently celebrating difference through the #MySize campaign. It’s a celebration of women and embracing the size we are. We need to feel confident and supported in all aspects of our life and in the bras we choose too. Our lingerie range has over 270 different sizes and as staff, we’re here to help you find your size so you too can feel that confidence and support you should have every day.

So, let’s all get a little grit and confidence, just like Hermione Granger, and embrace our size. Why not join us and #ShowUsYourSize online now!