Finding your Red.

The myth uncovered; do you only have to choose a nude bra under a white shirt?

There’s a rumour amongst Bra connoisseurs that a red bra will work under a white shirt. Now, when I heard this I immediately thought, ‘IS IT TRUE??? Have I been hunting through the laundry basket to find a ‘nude’ toned bra for under my white shirts when I could have easily just resorted to a red one???’

Research tells me that the reason it could work is that our skin, no matter the shade, tan etc., has red undertones and that’s why red will blend quite well with a white coloured shirt. I’ve also found out that your bra choice has to be a true RED, not one with pink or purple tones in it, and you’ll likely get away with deeper shades of red, like Burgundy depending on your colouring.

Of course, then, I had to put theory into practise. Tash, Angela, Georgia-Rose and I, all staff at Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore, got together to give this a go. We found different white shirts and did the test. Here’s what we found:

  • -You have to have the right red for your skin tone. What worked on Tash didn’t work on Georgia-Rose, Angela or me and vice versa. Seeing as we all had different tones to our skin, we had to try a few before we found our red. Tash’s was slightly more burgundy, Georgia-Rose had a cooler-toned, raspberry colour, Angela was a bright red and mine had more rust-tones to it.
  • -The sheerness of the white shirt played a subtle role in how much bra ‘shadow’ you could see. When we found the right shade of red for our skin tone, if the shirt was slightly more sheer, you could see what appeared to be a very faint ‘shadow’ rather than a colour red.

So, will every red bra you own work under your white business shirts? Probably not. As Tash said, “It’s like lipsticks, you’ve got to find your right ‘red’.” But if you’ve got a couple of different toned red bras at home why not give it a try to find ‘your red’ (maybe it’ll be your lipstick colour too), we’d love to see your findings! Post them and tag us @biggirlsdontcryanymore #bgfindyourred